screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-10-18-48-amOn August 21 – August 28, 2017 we will gather just under the castle walls in Prague, Czech Republic with Roxanne Coble and Willemien de Villiers for a one-of-a-kind art retreat smack dab in the heart of Europe.

There are only 15 spaces available for this intimate retreat.  Our events always sell out quickly, and we expect this retreat to go in a flash.  Don’t hesitate to email us if you have questions.

Roxanne Coble :::  Storytellers


“Each day we add another page to our story – and in this workshop we will explore how we might convey that tale in mixed media form.  Inspired by the history and beauty of Prague, we will embrace the concept of storytelling in both a personal and creative context.  Through various layering and illustrative techniques in a visual journal, you will learn how to capture and narrate those key chapters of your life: the past, the present, and those yet written…” ~ Roxanne


Willemien de Villiers ::: Myth and Memory


“Each of us carries within us a constructed sense of self; the story of who we are, and how we are, in the world. This story is woven from many layered threads, twining us to our ancestors, and their collective, and personal, familial myths and fables.

It is a joyful experience when you manage to surprise yourself. In this workshop, you will be guided, using creative writing techniques and evocative images of universal mythology, to hand stitch your own personal myth onto cloth.

I cannot imagine a more perfect setting for this work: the beautiful city of many myths and fables, Praha, on the banks of the Vltava River.” ~ Willemien


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A little about Prague

Prague, or Praha in the Czech language, means: ‘threshold‘.

Threshold, noun:  approach, entrance, doorway, gate, portal.

Threshold, verb:  the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a phenomenon to occur.

It is said that the ancestor to the Czech people, the female chieftain Libuše who had prophetic gifts, stood on a rocky cliff high above the Vltava River that runs through the heart of Prague and called out:

I see a great city whose glory will touch the stars.

She pointed her finger toward the high hill in the distance, and commanded that a castle be built.

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While we are in Prague, will spend 2 days in the studio with Roxanne and 2 days in the studio with Willemien.  In between workshops, we will have a free day to explore the historical and hallowed cobbled streets, and another day in which we will adventure as a group to Cesky Krumlov, a Unesco World Heritage site.  Our days in the studio will be productive and inspirational, and allow time to explore in the early morning and evenings.


This retreat is open to men and women of all creative levels.  Your package includes:

  • breakfast and accommodation in the picturesque old town of Prague for 7 nights
  • transportation to the Unesco world heritage town Cesky Krumlov
  • 4 days in the studio with Roxanne and Willemien
  • complimentary transportation around the city
  • a group dinner in a traditional Czech restaurant
  • memories to last a lifetime!

We will arrive on Monday evening, and our first workshop begins on Tuesday morning, in a beautiful studio with views overlooking Prague. We will hold a gentle and easy-going schedule, with plenty of time for rejuvenation, and plenty of opportunities for connection with fellow artists. On studio days, lunch time will provide you the opportunity to visit the local bistros and shops. Dinners are not scheduled in to allow you the luxury to experience Prague in your own way.  The second workshop will end on the following Sunday afternoon, with our departure on Monday morning.

If you have any other questions, please email us here or check out our FAQ page here.

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