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Somewhere, I am.

There is a pinprick of life somewhere.View full post »


Deep diver, firewalker, shadow dancer.  Primal.  Raw.  The full spectrum all in one pile of skin and bones.View full post »

The Beekeeper

Another journal page inspired by Orly’s stencils.View full post »


I am open.  Created with Orly Avineri’s stencil.View full post »

How the world feels

I do not just live in this world.  I feel it.View full post »


Portals I wander through.  Doorways that render possibilities as I leave behind what harms me most.View full post »

How the past stays with us

How the past stays with us, built into our marrow and ever hovering.View full post »


When the essence of woman is cut off, cast out, pushed down, and covered up …View full post »

Outside, Inside

The situation(s) occurring in the Middle East and Africa have been deeply affecting me. It is so easy for me to fallView full post »

Because …

Because of the eye rolling, the subject changing, and the laughter when I talk about how women are mistreated in theView full post »

Yes All Women

For all women who know what it feels like to carry the secret of silent suffering. May your suffering find a voice. MayView full post »


Little Boy Blue.  ‘Be Here Now’ is the book that rests on his lap.  But he wasn’t.  And isn’tView full post »

The ripple effect …

What happens when you don’t face your fears, when you don’t shriek into the face of denial, when you don&#View full post »

Chronic repitition …

Patterns that repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat ….View full post »

A glimpse …

A glimpse of her, her vulnerability and fragility that live under the mask that haunts me.View full post »

Legacy …

Legacies that linger …View full post »

Shadow …

When the shadow always finds you.View full post »


Asteroid Lilith meets Leo Midheaven and Scorpio Moon in the Grand Cross.  With some serious alignments of the LunarView full post »


I am occupying all the spaces that used to be blank, filling up the holes that scare me.View full post »

If Virginia Woolf was a mermaid …

… and built altars with those stones …View full post »

Women …

… crammed into spaces they’ve outgrown.View full post »

The layers …

… always shred off.  And I always rebirth myself.View full post »

Black Moon Symphony

For Lilith, women who thrive in darkness, tangled emotions, courage to see and speak, and courage to rise from the deadView full post »

Altars and Burdens

I’m feeling the weight of the world these days.  I dream of a world where we can all *see* each other, where weView full post »


Stripping down to what is True.View full post »

Winter Descendeth

Okay, so it’s not technically Winter … but it sure looks and feels like it. Dark, damp, and bone-bitterView full post »

Womb Diving.

My truth lives in my womb. My power lives in my womb. My story lives in my womb. My voice lives in my womb. MyView full post »