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I am occupying all the spaces that used to be blank, filling up the holes that scare me.View full post »

If Virginia Woolf was a mermaid …

… and built altars with those stones …View full post »

Women …

… crammed into spaces they’ve outgrown.View full post »

The layers …

… always shred off.  And I always rebirth myself.View full post »

Black Moon Symphony

For Lilith, women who thrive in darkness, tangled emotions, courage to see and speak, and courage to rise from the deadView full post »

Altars and Burdens

I’m feeling the weight of the world these days.  I dream of a world where we can all *see* each other, where weView full post »


Stripping down to what is True.View full post »

Winter Descendeth

Okay, so it’s not technically Winter … but it sure looks and feels like it. Dark, damp, and bone-bitterView full post »

Womb Diving.

My truth lives in my womb. My power lives in my womb. My story lives in my womb. My voice lives in my womb. MyView full post »

I am here now. No more hiding.

Sometimes I miss blogging, and then when I try to write a post no words come.   For now, my art speaks for me, I guessView full post »

Womb Worship

Womb worship. Getting real Sinking in Sinking down Soaking up my own truths The ones that freeze up Clog up And slow meView full post »

In my studio …

There is an incredible surge happening in my quiet creative time (which happens each morning for an hour or so beforeView full post »


Art journaling brings out my truth.  Big time.  Which is why I love it!  Who doesn’t love the artistic flairView full post »


Transformation does not always come easily, but it always comes with grace. Healing is always accompanied by just theView full post »

Big Wild She

My workshop, ‘Big Wild She’, has just a few spaces left at Call of the Wild Soul art retreat in California.View full post »

Work in Progress

Where I started … Where I’m going. She’s not finished yet, this is still a work in progress … (View full post »


starting here … adding … trusting … ending here:View full post »


new work.  new thoughts.  new destinations. new projects.  new pieces of me coming forward for inspection, insight,View full post »

Where I Am

I’ve been spending so much time over HERE, planning our next event in Glastonbury in July. I’ve also beenView full post »


Last year Orly Avineri taught at the first ever Call of the Wild Soul in Somerset, England.  She brought so much depthView full post »

How Unplugging Skyrocketed My Creativity

This is one of the spreads from the six journals I filled during my three week vacation from the internet, which I tellView full post »

every morning

days passing in a blur … so busy … but every morning for a precious 60 minutes (give or take) iView full post »


sometimes nerves are frayed sizzled and raw and no matter how hard i try to draw shiny happy people someone else drawsView full post »


Working with pastels, enjoying their soft dustiness and layering. My art journals are overflowing as I enter them dailyView full post »

Do You See What I See?

This is the view from my office / studio.   Do you see what I see?View full post »

14 Artist Journals: The Book

It is such a huge honor to be included in Orly Avineri’s latest book ’14 Artist Journals‘, alongsideView full post »

Peace and Practice

Life has a funny way of returning you to places you’ve already been, and places you never thought you’d seeView full post »